Startup business of Indian Youtuber

In this blog post we are going to know about the famous youtuber with their startups.

Tech Burner and his business of Layers

Tech Burner is a Indian Famous youtuber who unbox electronic product and show their quality and pre information which help buyers to choose correct one for them. In 2018 he was into mobile which made him think that back portion of the mobile damages after sometime so he thought to have solution for it and he started to work on it.

There was many similar products in the market but those products were permanent that damages back with mobile too so to have a solution on it he gathered a team and invested in the company. He had a small team but his thought were so good he made various type of skins for mobile and laptop also which were easy to use and gets no damage to it after successful time he started his site on 8th September 2022 and launched skins for all types of mobile depending upon location of camera and shape of mobile.

The company his revolution in crores and still growing. This was so profitable business for him.

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Business of Physics wallah

image Credit- shiksha coach

Physics Wallah also known as Alakh Pandey is one the famous teacher on YouTube his flex is very well among the students and he is one the best teacher in the era and recieved many awards. In 2022 he started his own offline institute with same domain name Physics Wallah today his institute tackle to the famous and biggest institute like Allen Aakash etc he made many of the well studied and well experienced faculty which made them more famous and his craze was so made of the institute. He started his classes first in kota and made its branches over India. He have more than 15 Pathashala branches and he give online session so hireing physics wallah is as simple as they think he got high rate of selection. His business and institute is so profitable now days.

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Arctic Fox and Carry Minati

image Credit- Economic time brands

Carry Minati is a famous Indian Youtubers of the era. He make videos on various content like gaming vloging and most important Roasting. He has a best Famous fanbase. Carry Minati is a main invester in Arctic FOX Enterprises Private Limited which is an Indian non-government company.Arctic Fox makes various types of backpacks, messenger bags, duffie bags, school shoes and accessorize bags. Carry is not only invester but also a brand ambassador of the company. Total revenue of the company is $6.2 million which is very good and well enough to competize the bag market and well such brands like Skybags, Fancy etc.

MBA Chaiwala:

The term “MBA chaiwala” refers to a hypothetical scenario where a person who used to sell tea (chaiwala) decides to pursue an MBA degree and start his own business. This scenario gained popularity in India after the current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, who was once a tea seller, became the Prime Minister.

Assuming that the person in question has completed an MBA degree, there are several business opportunities that he can explore. Here are a few possibilities:

  1. Tea Shop Franchise: With the experience of running a tea stall, the MBA chaiwala could explore the possibility of opening a franchise of an established tea brand. This would allow him to leverage his experience and knowledge of the tea business while also benefiting from the established brand name and support.
  2. Online Tea Business: The MBA chaiwala could explore the possibility of starting an online tea business. This would require him to create a website or a mobile application where customers can order tea online. He could offer a range of tea blends and flavors, and use social media and digital marketing techniques to promote his business.
  3. Tea Export Business: India is one of the largest tea producers in the world, and the MBA chaiwala could explore the possibility of exporting tea to other countries. He would need to research the market demand, establish relationships with tea plantations and suppliers, and navigate the regulatory requirements of exporting.
  4. Tea Consultancy: With an MBA degree, the chaiwala could also offer consulting services to tea businesses, helping them with marketing, branding, and operational strategies.
  5. Tea Manufacturing Business: The MBA chaiwala could also consider setting up a tea manufacturing unit. This would require him to identify a suitable location, invest in equipment and machinery, and hire a team of skilled workers. He could then produce his own brand of tea and sell it through various channels.

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These are just a few possibilities for the MBA chaiwala to explore. Ultimately, the success of the business will depend on a combination of factors such as market demand, competition, pricing, quality, and customer service.

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