Noise and Business Model Explained

The Success of Noise and Business Model Explained

This story of cousins inspires youth, Gaurav, and Amit Khatri founders of the noise brand. They have successfully cracked the code of the tech and electronic industry.


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Noise is an Indian brand that produces or distributes electronic products, Noise, and BoAt are the second leading market for smartwatches in India as of 2024. The noise started its initial days selling smartphone cases and accessories.

Noise came into existence in 2014 in Gurgram Haryana, India, It was founded by two cousin brothers Gaurav and Amit Khatri.


Gaurav Khatri:

Gaurav Khatri
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Gaurav Khatri is an Indian Entrepreneur & Pilot, he is the CEO & Co-Founder of Noise, completed his qualification in BBA, and his net worth is around INR 2100 Crore.

Amit Khatri:

Amit Khatri
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Amit Khatri is an Indian entrepreneur, and he is the Co-Founder of Noise, he has curated playbooks for building successful bootstrapped companies and is an inspiration for young aspiring entrepreneurs. At Noise, Amit is spearheading design technology and business expansion while building a great culture to quickly become a global hyper-growth market leader.

Revenue or Finance of the Company

In FY21, the sale was around INR 350 Crore in FY22, it was increased by 2.2X To INR 793 Crore.

Noise has been rapidly growing and increasing its revenue every year, income from operations grew by 79.8% to Rs 1,426 crore in FY23 from Rs 793 crore in FY22. According to media reports currently, Noise is valued at $400 million (Rs 3,482 crore).

Noise was acquired by Titan Company in 2022 for an undisclosed amount.

Noise is a bootstrapped company so far, In December 2023 noise raised its first-ever funding, and they have bagged a strategic investment from global consumer electronics and audio giant Bose. Bose has acquired a 2.4% stake in Noise.

Marketing Strategies by Noise

Marketing plays a big role in brand-building, and making awareness about the products and noise has been frugal in marketing.


Virat Kholi has been a face of noise, on average Virat Kholi charges around INR 7.5 Crore to INR 10 Crore.

The question is Why did they choose Virat Kholi as their Brand Ambassador?
~In Podcasts with Raj Shamani, Gaurav Khatri talks about Virat Kholi and makes comments on his fitness as the same noise is also related to fitness when somebody finds out about Virat’s fitness he might come across a Noise brand and he ends up his statement with when Noise will go globally there are only a few faces that are known globally know and one of them is Virat Kholi.

Influencer Marketing

In the podcast, Raj Shamani asked Gaurav, which influencer had worked well and got good results for Noise Gaurav replied and said Techburner (Shlok Shrivastava) had been good for Noise, in another question, Raj Shamani asked how he worked and how he gave results?

Gaurav replied: “The consumer who is watching the video of Techburner about smartwatches are more intentive to buy the smart watches or check it out and when somebody tries to search about particular smart watches and if he finds out that tech burner has already made a video on it that makes more trust in the consumers”.

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Is Noise Launching IPO?

No, Gaurav Khatri confirms they are not planning for any IPO currently but he feels the journey has not ended, they will think about an IPO in the future.


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Raj Shamani Podcast with Gaurav Khatri Link

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