Startup by Indian Cricketers

Sachin Tendulkar

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Sachin Tendulkar was a old player and had the biggest fan base in the history of Indian Cricket Consultancy. He was retired in 16 November 2013 now he is 49 years old and carring his life as cricket coach council. Sachin was the biggest equality investor in the cricket-focused non-fungible tokens (NFT) platform Rario.

NFT was founded in 2021 to buy and trade on cricket players. The NFT became the greatest economic trading platform and earned $120 million from the it. He also made participation from Alpha Wave Global, Animoca Brands, Presight Capital, and Kingsway Capital. This made him the perfect start-up man between 2016-2022 he backed Smaaash Entertainment, JetSyntheses, Spinny, Unacademy, and Smartron and many others companies which was so good and well fined to made him invested in the platforms and companies.

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Virat Kohli

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Virat Kolhi is a famous Indian Cricketer who played for with the side of India many times and got paid for it. He is the master player and got many Fan Club.
He started a D2C business i.e Rage Coffee and Blue Tribe. This was the first startups which he made to be successful in the year 2018 nad invested his money on it.

As D2C business needs more customer satisfaction and for that the main goal required is trust so to create trust a high amount of advertisement is required which was very easy for him as he was a famous celebrity and this made him so equivalent but coffe was the initial business and due to huge compitition Rage Coffee collapsed with the loss of 1.5 crores But Blue Trip which is a meat Seeling company made his peak at the market and still their meat is sold in the market as they provide a good service in the files this business concluded profitable to him.

Apart from this small business Virat Kohli invested in big companies like Digit Insurance, Universal Sportsbiz, MPL and Sport Convo and became their invester not only by this but Virat also advise those companies and earn from that too.

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Mahendra Singh Dhoni was also the one of the famous cricketr of all the time before his retirement (on 15 August 2021) Dhoni invested in many companies and made a startup. He invested in Shaka Harry and Garuda Aerospace and this were his begining of the his startup era.

Shaka Harry is D2C business which supplies plant based meat and snacking food products such as meat and burgers etc. from this lebarate food business he gained profit of $2 million. Garuda Aerospace is a drone-as-a-service startup. This company design, bulid and deliver drones this also make disaster management and agricultural application among people.

This Startup got funding of $5 million up to 2023 and still growing. Before retirement in the period between 2018-2022 dhoni invested in seven more companies which are HomeLane, 7Ink Brews,Khatabook, Cars24 and Run Adam. Today, he still sits on a portfolio of seven startups.

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Smriti Mandana

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Smriti Mandana is a famous lady Cricketer and is a good player who plays for Indian women cricket team she is a good player and due to her performance in the matches she gained many popularity among the people. Smriti started her startup called Neem Ayu in 2018.

Neem Ayu is a D2C business which makes and sells ayurvedic products through online website and many ecommerce market. This made her invested in the company upto 2021 company gained much popularity as they sell natural and Made in India product.

Anil kumble

Veteran cricketer Anil kumble has made of undisclosed amount of investment of health insurance startup.
Set up in 2020 by yogesh Agarwal and kulin, on surity is a subscription base platform that provides employee health solution.
The startup has raised total of $0.16. MN to Date .its cap table includes Nexus Venture partners.

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