Meet Rajan Bajaj : The man once worked e-commerce giant Flipkart, founded  Rs 847 Crore revenue generating company named "Slice"

Mr. Rajan Bajaj, an IIT alumnus who previously worked at e-commerce giant Flipkart, founded Unicorn Startup named "Slice"

Driven by entrepreneurial spirit, Rajan founded a community sharing startup "Mesh"

Mesh, explored various rental models, from furniture to gaming consoles. Later, Mesh struggled to gain traction

After struggle behind Mesh,  Rajan recognized opportunity to address financial needs of his own demographic-young, tech-savvy individuals

Slice, an Unicorn Startup founded in the year 2015, a fintech credit service catered specially to millennials and GenZ

Unlike traditional financial institutions, Slice does not require salary sips or bank statements

Slice, mainly focuses on providing a seamless and rewarding credit experience, tailored to preferences of its target audience

Slice operates with competitive fintech landscape players like CRED, OneCard, Uni, Paytm and more

Today, Slice has more than 12 million registered users on its platform

Recently, Slice has reported Rs 847 Crore revenue in fiscal year 2023-2024

Today, Slice is valued at $1 billion

Slice's success is underpined by its commitment to innovation and technological advancement

Meet Sathya Shankhar : Once an Auto-Rickshaw Driver, became founder of Rs 800 Crore Valuation Company named "Bindu Jeera Masala Soda"

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