Meet Sathya Shankhar : Once an Auto-Rickshaw Driver, became founder of Rs 800 Crore Valuation Company named  "Bindu Jeera Masala Soda"

Sathya Shankhar, born in rural village of Bellare near Puttur, where he drew from Dhirubhai Ambani's entrepreneurial success

Sathya started his journey as an  Auto-Rickshaw driver under government self-employee scheme

Sathya paid off his auto loan and upgraded to an ambassador car within a year

Sathya's perseverance led him ventured in Taxi Business

Eventually, Sathya sold his car in 1987 and ventured in automobile garage and tire dealership sectors

Sathya's turning point arrived when he introduced "Bindu Jeera Masala Soda" in the year 2002

"Bindu Jeera", a unique carbonated drink infused with flavors of jeera, discovered during trip to North India with an investment of  Rs 35 lakhs in 2002

By the year 2006, The company saw a significant increase in turnover, reaching  Rs 6 Crore

In the year 2010, The company achieved a major milestone by surpassing Rs 100 Crore revenue mark

In the year 2015, The company expanded into international markets, exporting products to countries like UAE, Singapore, Malaysia

Today, "Bindu Jeera Masala Soda" is worth Rs 800 Crore

The company's valuation is a testament to Sathya's vision and dedication to revolutionizing the Indian Beverage Industry

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