A.S. Pandit's Rs 5000 per Month Salary to Rs 2000 Crore Business Empire Success Journey

A.S Pandit, Engineer by degree started working as a Mobile shop executive at Rs 5000 salary founded successful ventures Catalyst Group

Catalyst Group Ventures include (UPSC/SSC ) institute, Growfitz Healthy Foods, The Catalyst Gym, Catalyst Investors, Heartwoods Resorts

Pandit's boasting over 12 years of experience in the education industry and a decade in the food and healthcare sector, transitioned it into Entrepreneurship

Pandit's significant acquisitions include  Rs 10 Crore's Triplex Penthouse, 4.25 Crore's Mercedes G Wagon & many more

Today, Akhand Swaroop Pandit earns  Rs 25 Crores monthly

Today, A.S Pandit's Catalyst Group worth Rs 2000 Crore

A.S Pandit's success journey stands as a testament to resilience and triumph

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