Samrat Reddy's $396K Drunken Monkey Success Story

Samarth Reddy, a successful entrepreneur overcome various challenges and disappointment and achieved success 

In 2016, Samarth Reddy founded Drunken monkey in Hyderabad, has now grown into huge brand 100+ stores in 43 cities.

 Samarth Reddy, the 35 year old founder and managing director emphasizes simplicity in the brand's offerings.

Samarth reddy is an engineer, began career in Australia as a Test Environment Engineer at Infosys Technologies, pursued MBA from University of Strathclyde in Scotland

Earlier, founded Hestia Studios, a 3D animation and visualization firm, after returning to India in 2008 and shut downed in 2012, took charge to of his family’s steel plant, DELTA Steel Structures, before Drunken Monkey

Drunken Monkey is leading smoothie brand in India, with with a revenue of $396K.

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