Top 11 Wholesale Clothing Suppliers in India

Top Wholesale Clothing Suppliers in India: A Complete Guide for Clothing Business Owners

Starting a clothing business is a great way to showcase your fashion sense and creativity, but finding the right wholesale supplier can be a challenge.

How Wholesale Sourcing is Important for the success of any clothing business?

Overall, wholesale sourcing is essential for the success and growth of a clothing business. By partnering with the right supplier, businesses can ensure a steady supply of high-quality products, increase profits, and improve their overall operations.

The following are a few reasons.

  1. Cost saving:- Wholesale suppliers offer products at bulk prices, which can be much lower than retail prices. This allows clothing business to increase their margins and make more profits.
  2. Access to a variety of products:- Wholesale suppliers usually have a large inventory of clothing products, allowing clothing businesses to offer a wider range of styles and sizes to their customers.
  3. Consistency in product quality:- By working with a reliable wholesale supplier, clothing businesses can ensure that they receive consistent quality products, reducing the risk of customer complaints and returns.
  4. Improved efficiency:- Wholesale sourcing allows clothing business to streamline their supply chain and manage their inventory more efficiently.

Here is a list of 11 popular companies in India that offer wholesalers clothing products:

1)Alok Industries

Alok Industries

Alok industry is an Indian textile company established in 1986. Its base headquarters are in Mumbai and it specializes in producing various types of textiles, including cotton fabric, polyester, blending fabric, etc. The company is one of the leading textile production companies and has a great reputation in the market as this company provides textiles to famous brands in the field.

The Alok industry has a great empowerment with Fabric and technology which makes a more demanding customership in the field. Alok industry also provides technical support to its customers as the company has a big crew of experts who provide support in product development, quality control, and logistics.

Alok industry works on the concept to reduce its carbon footprint and to reduce its impact on the environment. The company also works to support the local communities in which it operates.

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2)Arvind Mills

Arvind mills which recently changed its name to Arvind Limited is a famous textile industry of India. The company is one of the biggest textile manufacturers of India which is leading its growth in fields like retail, real estate, and engineering. The company was founded in 1931 and till today has had a wide increment in the industry of textiles. Arvind Textiles is divided into three sectors Denim, Shirting, and knites. The company produces a wide range of textiles in Denim, shirting, knits, and bottom weights. The company made several innovations in the industry like stretchable denim clothes.

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Raymond was founded in 1925 its main headquarters are in Mumbai and this company has a widespread over India. The brand has produced itself making clothes for men, women, and children. Raymond’s clothing includes formal and casual wear such as suits, trousers, and t-shirts.

The brand is made for its high-quality clothing and premium fabrics over the other brands in India. Raymond also designs suits for the customer as per their specifications and they have a tailoring service all over the centres in India.

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4)S Kumar’s Nationwide

S Kumar’s Nationwide is also known as SKNL which was founded in 1948 and became one of India’s largest textile conglomerates. the company involves the manufacturing of textiles and marketing of textiles and fabrics as the brands such as Reid & Taylor Belmonte and Stepsons Brothers. the company faced a financial issue in 2010 which lead the company to sell its share and restructuring of various fields like Blackman Group, grasim Industries and the LNJ BHilwara FGroup.

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5)Welspun India Limited

Welspun India Limited is a textile manufacturing company founded in Mumbai in 1985. The company is one of the largest home textile manufacturers which has a wide range of products such as bedding, bath liners, rugs, and carpets. The company has also expanded into new markets and product categories including e-commerce and swmart textile which stay competitive in the fast-evolving textile to stay in the market and fast evolving textile industry.

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6. Trinity Touch

Trinity Touch is a famous Women’s clothing Industry founded in 1998 and has since led and exported women’s fashion clothing in India. Trinity Touch offers a wide range of women’s clothing like dresses, tops, skirts, trousers, jackets, and more. The company has a strong community and sustainability in the market which provides a well grown support to the women.

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7)Mayur Suitings

Mayur suitings is a textile company based in India that specializes in producing and marketing a range of high-quality suitings and shirting. The company was founded in 1970 and its head is in Mumbai. Mayur Suiting is known for its focus on quality and innovation. The company also made many popular brands such as Mayur. Donar and Venus are known for style durability and affordability. Mayur Suiting is made by the style and they are long players innovate to stay in the market.

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8)Bombay Dyeing

Bombay Dyeing was founded in 1879 and made its headquarters in Mumbai. The company is very famous for its textile production Industries. In addition to textiles Bombay Dyeing started real-estate business the company has developed many residential complexes in Mumbai including rental buildings.

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9)Grasim Industries

Grasim Industry Private Limited is a part of one of the largest sector known as Aditya Birla Group. The company is engaged in fiber making group but the company also focuses on clothing textiles production. Grasim Industry mainly operates in the fiber, and cement industries however the company is not mainly focused on clothing but still its production plays an important role in the textile and apparel supply chain.

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10)S Kumar’s Fashion

S Kumars Nationwide also known as SKNL is also a famous Indian clothing Industry. SKNL was founded in 1948 in Mumbai and also has a global presence in India, Europe, USA, and Asia. The company is engaged in the making of textiles like suits, shirting, denim, and other applicants. Overall SKNL is a strong established brand portfolio and a diversified portfolio.

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11)Siyaram Silk Mills

Siyaram Silk mill Limited is a textile production Industry mainly producing silk fabrics. The company is specialized for producing blended fabrics like polyster viscose, polyester wool, cotton etc. Siyaram Silk produces a wide range of products like suiting, shirting and corporate wearing fabrics. The company also offers services like hospitality, healthcare, and aviation industries, among others. The brand has a presence over 200 exclusive stores and more than 25000 multi brand outlets.

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