Meet Irfan Razack : Who made Prestige Estate Projects a prominent player in the Indian Real State sector with an estimated net worth of Rs 14,170 Crore

Irfan Razack began his journey with his father Razack Sattar, who founded Prestige Group in 1950 with a small fabric and tailoring shop in Bengaluru which later blossomed into a real estate powerhouse

Under Irfan's leadership, Prestige Estate Projects has emerged as prominent player in Indian Real Estate Sector

Prestige's diverse portfolio spans residential, commercial, retail, hospitality segments and completed 300+ projects and covering a staggering 180+ million square feet

Prestige Estate Projects footprints extend beyond Bengaluru to Cities like Chennai, Kochi, Calicut, Hyderabad, and Mumbai

This achievement positions the company as India's largest listed property firm, trailing only behind industry giant, DLF

Prestige Estate Projects has secured partnerships with the world's most prestigious brands like Apple, Caterpillar, Armani, and Louis Vuitton this enhances contribution to the overall success of Prestigious Properties

The entrepreneurial spirit runs in the Razack family, with a fabric and tailoring shop alongside Prestige  Estate Projects, symbolizing the enduring legacy of the family's business acumen

Today, Irfan Razack has estimated net worth of Rs 14,170 Crore approximately

Irfan's journey from a small clothing shop to the helm of a billion-dollar real estate empire exemplifies the power of hard work and determination

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