Meet Ankit Kumar : The creator of a pioneering firm in drone logistics market "Skye Air", which has valuation of Rs 52 Crore

Mr. Ankit Kumar Co-founder & CEO of Skye Air, leads the charge in revolutionizing logistics with drone technology

Skye Air, founded in the year 2019, the trailblazer in drone-based logistics industry providing ultimate solutions for diverse range of sectors

By leveraging the power of UAVs, Skye Air revolutionized the way goods and services are delivered, particularly in areas with limited infrastructure

Recently, Skye Air has announced the successful closure of Rs 33.4 Crore Series A funding round that will help company to expand its last-mile networks

This influx of capital, led by venture capital firms like Mount Judi Ventures, Chiratae Ventures, Venture Catalyst and many more

Skye Air's success has been bolstered by supportive ecosystem fostered by Ministry of Civil Aviation, Directorate General of Civil Aviation

According to reports, The drone and its components industry in India has potential to reach staggering $23 billion by 2030. This underscores immense opportunities that lie ahead for drone startups like Skye Air

Today, Skye Air has approximate valuation of Rs 52 Crore

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