This Pitch made Vineeta Singh Invest in Adilqadri Attar



Adilqadri is an “Attar” brand originated from Bilimora, Gujarat. The owner of this attar brand is Adilqadri from Bilimora recently he pitched his business on Shark Tank season 3. Where he made some crazy deals with sharks. Let’s know more about the Adilqadri brand.

Adil left his study in 2005 when he was in 5th grade, from 2005-2012 he went through many courses and learned many new things and in 2014 he started his career as an SEO expert as Digital Marketer and in 2018 he tried many things like D2C websites, dropshipping, and affiliate marketing but nothing worked for him then after figuring out the market of attar he found this market is inconsistent and to make many more changes he launched “Adilqadri“.

Business of Adilqadri:

He has sales of 3000 daily orders across all his channels, he has the best-selling attars on Amazon and Flipkart. Adilqdari Attar has processed 10 lakh+ orders till now, their retails are present around Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Dubai.

His ask was for 1 crore Rs with the exchange of equity of 0.5 percent in his company with a 200 crore Rs valuation. His sales in 2023 were 6 crore, the average cost of one bottle was 800 Rs and according to Adil’s calculation, he will cross 80-90 crore in Revenue in the upcoming year, main 95% of his business is from online and the rest is from offline retailers shops.

In this era of perfume and deo people have forgotten about “Attar” To bring back the craze for Attar Adilqadri has added long-lasting, unique, and premium packaging to his attar.

Sharks with Adilqadri:

After he reveals his debt and his numbers Anupam makes his decision to get out of the offer after Anupam Mittal, Aman Gupta also makes his decision to get out of this offer as he didn’t like the margin, that Namita Thapar also made her decision to be out. Amit Jain also decided to be out as he didn’t like the company’s profit margin and felt the company was a performance marketing company.

Vineeta Singh with Adil:

After everyone’s decision, there remains only one shark Vineeta Singh and she makes an offer with some condition that he will need to change his 10% margins which will lead to a slower growth rate, adil will need to stop burning money so that he can change his debt for 6 crores to 2 crore and final offers come with 1 crore with 1% equity with the valuation of 100 crores and royalty which is 1% of net revenue till Vineeta Singh makes her 1 crore back after the deal Adil accepts the deal.

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