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Malabar Gold and Diamonds is a renowned jewelry retailer with a global presence. Established in 1993 in Kerala, India. It has rapidly expanded becoming one of the largest jewelry retailers in the world. The brand is recognized for its exquisite and diverse collections, blending traditional and contemporary designs.

Malabar Gold and Diamonds operates in multiple countries including India, The Middle East, the Far East, and the USA. They offer a wide range of jewelry, including gold, diamonds, platinum, and gemstone pieces.

Apart from jewelry, the company is also involved in gold and diamond trading, refining, and manufacturing. Their commitment to quality and ethical practices has earned them a strong reputation in the industry.

Malabar gold and diamonds emphasize transparency and customer satisfaction, making them a trusted choice for jewelry enthusiasts globally.

Who is M.P Ahammed:-

M.P Ahammed is the founder and Chairperson of Malabar Gold & Diamonds. Born in Kerala, India. Ahammed started his career as a small trader and later ventured into the world of gold and diamonds business. In 1993 he established Malabar Gold & Diamonds which has since grown into a global brand with a strong presence in various countries.

Under Ahammed’s leadership, the company has expanded its reach through a combination of quality products innovative designs, and strategic acquisitions. Known for philanthropic endeavors. Ahammed is actively engaged in social work, particularly in the areas of healthcare and education.

His commitment to ethical business practices and customer satisfaction has earned Malabar Gold & Diamonds a reputation in the jewelry industry. Ahammed’s vision and dedication to excellence continue to drive the company’s success, making him a reputed figure in the business community.

Success of Malabar Gold & Diamonds:-

M.P. Ahammed founder of Malabar Gold & Diamond Company, faced many challenges in the spices business before pivoting to the lucrative world of gold and jewelry. Ahammed’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish his spice venture in 1979. Realizing its limitations he conducted market research and transitioned into the gold and jewelry industry, where he found remarkable success.

The company’s success is rooted in its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction—Malabar Gold & Diamond’s consistency delivers exquisite jewelry. A crucial factor in their success lies in responsible business practices. Malabar Gold & Diamonds places a strong emphasis on ethical sourcing of materials, contributing to its positive brand image. Additionally, community engagement and philanthropy initiatives have reinforced its reputation as a socially responsible enterprise.

Technological innovation has played a pivotal role in Malabar’s growth Embracing e-commerce and leveraging digital platforms. The company has enhanced its reach and accessibility meeting the evolving preferences of modern consumers.

The leadership’s vision and adaptability have steered Malabar through economic challenges, transforming obstacles into opportunities. With a blend of tradition, innovation, and a commitment to excellence, Malabar Gold & Diamonds continues to sparkle as a beacon of success in the jewelry industry.

Today, Malabar Gold & Diamonds has grown into a colossal enterprise with 325 shops in 11 nations. With a revenue exceeding ₹41,000 crores.

Malabar Can Learn & Grow In Many Ways:-

1). Global Expansion:- Malabar Gold & Diamonds can explore new international markets to expand its customer base and increase revenue.

2). Product Diversification:- Introducing new and innovative jewelry designs or expanding into related product lines can attract a wider range of customers.

3). E-commerce Presence:- Enhancing and promoting online sales can tap into the growing trend of digital commerce, reaching customers globally and providing a convenient shopping experience.

4). Customer Loyalty Programs:- Implementing effective loyalty programs can encourage repeat business and foster a strong connection with customers.

5). Sustainable Practices:- Embracing environmentally and socially responsible practices in the supply chain can appeal to conscious consumers and enhance the brand’s image.

6). Collaboration and Partnership:- Forming strategic alliances with other reputable brands or designers creating unique offerings and broadening the customer base.

7). Innovative Marketing:- Utilising creative marketing strategies such as influencer collaboration can generate buzz and attract new customers.

8). Technology Integration:- Implementing cutting-edge technologies like virtual try-on features can enhance the shopping experience and set the brand apart.

9). Employee Training and Development:- Investing in training programs for staff can improve customer service, leading to higher satisfaction and increased customer retention.

10). Community Engagement:- Participating in community events, supporting local causes, and engaging with customers on a personal level can foster a positive brand image and strengthen ties in the community.


1). Awarded with “Super Brand award” for 5 consecutive years in Oman.

2). The company was recognized as “The Economic Times Best Brands 2019”.

3). Honoured with the “Global Retailer Of The Year Award” at the Kerala Jewelry Awards in July 2023.

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