The Success Of Fabindia

Fabindia is the top and largest private platform in India, Do you know what Fabindia is known for it is known for the sale of handicrafts goods, accessories, home furnishing, food products, and deals in clothing. Fabindia is a lifestyle brand


Startup & Organization

India has one of the world’s largest collections of music, dance, and folk traditions and India is the richest in art and cultural handicraft products made by Indian humans. they discover new things by their idea or design and handicrafts have found a great marketing platform. but this did not allow its decline in demand for handicrafts during the British rule and it was a big problem for handicraft makers to find proper marketing. Indian handicrafts suffered a lot.

Founder of Febindia

Mr. John Bissell

John Bissell, an American gentleman, realized the value of Indian handicrafts in 1960, and decided or fixed to start ‘Fabindia’. Johan Bissell the founder of Fabindia, which is also known as a lifestyle brand it is managed in India and abroad, and runs in 118 cities in India, and 327 stores and 14 international stores are built.

History of Fabindia

Fabindia also started as an export of furnishing goods. The company was also known as Fabindia Inc. in Canton (USA). John Bissell built their business from his home in Golf Link in (new delhi). Bissell wanted artisans and craftsmen who would produce for the company, so he traveled to many villages and towns in India for craftsmen. He then started exporting the products to the USA, earning more profit and revenue.

Fabindia’s second assumption was in a residential house on Mathura Road. Fabindia’s first retail store in Greater Kailash, New Delhi. In 1994 it was a new journey beginning and he launched new outlets in India and other countries.

Indian traditional skills are promoting so much development all the products are manufactured from hand-printed fabrics and it classified by organic and natural methods then the product will appear to be sold.

Logo & Name of Febindia

The Logo of ‘Fabindia’ represents the facts of the company and it was given from Indian fabrics ‘Serving India’ is the highlight of the company’s focus and its belonging to artisans and making traditional Indian products.

Company and Management

John Bissell was the founder of Fabindia in 1960 and he ran the company for about 43 years then he suffered from a heart attack and he gave her leadership to his son William Bissell to take over the management of Fabindia. William Bissell was known as the chairman of Fabindia until 2018 and the main directors of Fabindia are Madhukar Khera, Vijay Kumar Kapoor, Charu Sharma, and Rahul Garg. the CEO of Fabindia Viney Singh and Fabindia is associated with 29 companies and each director.

Profit Revenue

The company has around 2000 employees with 55,000 educated workers. Fabindia expanded 327 stores and 14 international stores in 118 different cities of India in the year 2020, the net profit of the company is 34 crore, and in the year 2019, Rs101 crore dip 66%. This growth revenue is not more profitable and in 2018 or 2020 profit increased by 13% and more than Rs 1500 crore.


1) Outstanding Achievement in the Promotion of Cotton by a Brand Award by the Cotton Council of India in the year 2011.

2) Rated amongst “India’s best companies to work for” by the Economic Times in the year 2011.

3) Excellence in Supply Chain Management in the year 2010.

4) Best Retail Brand’ Award by Economic Times in the year 2004.

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