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In this blog we are going to hereby startup done by famous YouTuber Technical Guruji.

Technical Guruji:

Technical Guruji

Gaurav Chaudhary also known as Technical Guruji is a renowned Indian YouTuber, Entrepreneur and Tech Influencer .He gained immense popularity through his Youtube channel called “Technical Guruji”, where he shares information and reviews on latest gadgets , smartphones , and technology-related topics.

Technical Guruji’s channel primarily focuses on unboxing,reviewing, and providing insights into various gadgets, including smartphones, laptops , cameras , and other consumer electronics , Gaurav has a unique style of representing information, combining his technical knowledge with a touch of humour , which appeals to a wide range of viewers.

With his high immense popularity and expertise in the field of technology , Technical Guruji has become a prominent figure in the India tech community , inspiring and educating millions of viewers with his content and Insights into the world of gadgets and technology.

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Startups founded by Technical Guruji:

Apart from his YouTube channel, Gaurav Chaudhary is also actively involved in other 2 Businesses:

1. Family Business {Real Estate Business}

2.Security Business of Camera Fitting.

Family Real Estate Business:

Real Estate

Gaurav Chaudhary’s elder brother Pradeep Chaudhary has real estate business “Zenith Homes” in Dubai United Arab Emirates. Gaurav Chaudhary also helps and manages his brother’s business and makes profit in many ways like :-

1. Identifying and Acquiring the Property :-

Company looks for suitable land that have potential development.They negotiate the purchase of the property,taking into account factors such as location, zoning regulations, market demand, and professional profitability.

2. Developing the Apartment :-

The company engages architects, contractors, and other professionals to design and construct the apartment building. They oversee the entire development process, including obtaining necessary permits, managing the construction, and ensuring the project completed on time and within budget.

3. Marketing and Selling :-

Once the apartments are ready, the company begins marketing the units to potential buyers. The typically involves advertising through various channels, such as online listings, social media, and traditional marketing methods. The company also host open houses or private showings to showcase the property to interested buyers.

4. Negotiating and closing sales :-

When potential buyers shows interests, the company negotiates the sale terms. including the prices, payment terms, and other relevant conditions. They work closely with buyers, lawyers, and financial institutions to ensure smooth transaction. Once the sales agreements are finalized, the company facilitates the closing process.

5. Generating Profits :-

The company’s profit comes from difference between the costs incurred during the development process and sale price of the apartments. To maximize profitability, the agent aims to sell the apartments at he price that covers development costs, including land acquisition, construction expenses, marketing costs, and other associated expenses. Ideally the sale price exceeds the total expenses, resulting in a profit.

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Security Business of Camera Fitting:

Camera and Security

Technical Guruji also has a Business of Fitting and Repairing of Security “CCTV Cameras” as he has Business of real estate he has to apply CCTV cameras to the houses and Technical Guruji has a big knowledge about electronic gadgets so he can repair easily those cameras and Technical Guruji has also tieup with Dubai Police of applying CCTV Cameras to streetlights and Road Signal so this makes a big profit for Technical Guruji.

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Technical Guruji’s Youtube Channels:

Technical Guruji

1. Technical Guruji :- This is Gaurav Chaudhary’s main YouTube Channel. On this channel, he covers various tech topics, including smartphone reviews, tech news, product unboxings and Tutorials. This channel has more than 2.24 crores Subscribers. This makes big earning for him.

2. Gaurav Chaudhary Vlogs :- In this channel he shares his personal experiences, travel vlogs, behind the scenes footage, and lifestyle content. This channel has more than 51.8 lakh Subscribers. “More the viewers more the Earnings”.

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