Ratan Tata With CM of Assam

Tata Group Announcement on Semiconductor Plant Investment in Assam

“Semiconductor Manufacturing will put Assam on Global Map”: Mr Tata

Industrialist and Philanthropist Mr. Ratan Tata said that Tata’s Manufacturing of Semiconductor in Assam will put the state on the Global Map. In his view establishing semiconductor manufacturing facilities in Assam could transform the region’s economic landscape and position it as a key player in the global tech Industry.

Tata highlights the importance of semiconductor technology in powering various modern devices. By harnessing this technology Assam can meet domestic demand and export semiconductor products, contributing significantly to India’s economy.

Furthermore, Tata underscores the significance of leveraging Assam’s strategic location and abundant resources, such as skilled labor and renewable energy potential to create a conducive environment for semiconductor manufacturing. This move ultimately drove socio-economic development in the region. By championing semiconductor manufacturing in Assam he envisions a future where the state emerges as a global hub for cutting-edge technology, propelling its growth and India’s position in world technology.

Mr. Ratan Tata’s announcement on X :

In a post on X he wrote “The investments being made in Assam transform the state in complex treatment for cancer care. The state government of Assam in partnership with Tata Group will make Assam a major player in sophisticated semiconductors. This new development will put Assam on the Global Map.

Reply to the tweet of Ratan Tata by Assam’s CM Mr. Hemanta Biswa Sarma :

Responding to the tweet Mr. Sarma thanked hearfully saying “Thank you so much Shri. Ratan Tata ji for your valuable Insights, gracious hospitality, and all your confidence in a #ViksitAssam”. He said, “My deliberations with Tata Leadership, They agreed to create a skill development center that will co-located within the premises of the semiconductor facility in Jagiroad”.

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