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Sharmaji Ka Aata:-

Sharmaji ka AATA

Sharmaji Ka Aata was founded in 2015 by Sangeeta Prabhakar Sharma and Mr. Prabhakar Sharma. Sharmaji Ka Aata gives you a freshly milled aata of your own choice. They started it to provide a solution to people who are looking for lower adulteration, healthier versions, and fewer chemicals in their daily food routines.

Sharmaji Ka Aata began as a humble local Business. A family’s endeavor to provide nutritious aata to homes in Pune.

Seeds of Growth:-

Before Shark Tank, they were a local gem serving Pune, with 300 loyal Customers. Orders flowed through social groups and WhatsApp. There was limited visibility, But the foundation was strong.

Entry in Shark Tank Season 2:-

The entry of Shark Tank Season 2 was a Game-changing experience for Sharmaji Ka Aata. They turned from National TV exposure to a surge in orders. They were taking off !! With the Guidance of Anupam Mittal Sharamji Ka Aata expanded nationwide, entered quick commerce, and partnered with e-commerce giants. Today Sharmaji Ka Aata is a leading aata brand across India.

After the Shark Tank Season 2 entry Business of Sharmaji Ka Aata increased by 8 by surging into the first month. There were orders from all over India. There were 800+ unique visitors month to month all across India.

Seamlessly there was the entry of Sharmaji Ka Aata on Blink-it, Zepto & Big Basket. The team has also soared to 30 dedicated members.

Marketing By Sharmaji Ka Aata:

While Sharmaji Ka Atta might market itself without specifying the location (Pune). Here are some approaches for those things:-

1). Local Advertising:- Utilize local advertising channels such as Newspaper Ads, Radio Spots, and Local TV Channels to reach the target audience.

2). Digital Marketing:- Create a website and maintain a strong online presence. Use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to engage with local Customers, Share product Updates, and run targeted ads.

3). Local SEO:- Optimize the website for local search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure that the brand appears in local search results when people search for related keywords.

4). Packaging and Branding:- Invest in appealing packaging and branding the resonate with the local culture and preferences.

5). Local events and Sponsorships:- Participate in or sponsor local events, fairs, and festivals to increase brand visibility and connect with the community.

6). Local Partnership:- Collaborate with Local Businesses, such as restaurants, Bakeries, etc to supply them with flour and gain visibility through their Customer Base.

7). Product Demonstrations:- Organize product demonstrations and sampling events at local markets or Grocery stores to allow potential customers to try the product.

8). Local Delivery Services:- Offer Local Delivery Services to make it convenient for residents to purchase the products.

Sharmaji Ka Atta should prioritize building a strong local customer base and fostering community engagement by tailoring marketing efforts to the unique tastes and preferences of the market.

Scaling Heights:-

The goal of the company:

Scaling Higher, Reaching more Households, and becoming a staple in every Kitchen.


From a small local venture to a nationwide household name, Sharmaji Ka Aata’s journey is a testament to vision, willpower, and a risk-taking appetite.

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