Shark Tank’s newest shark? Car Dekho Business Case Study

In this blog post, we are going to know about the new shark in the show shark tank season 2. The show has officially announced that on the place of Ashneer Grover shark Amit Jain ( co-founder of car dekho) is going to handle his place.

Shark Tank's newest shark? Car Dekho Business Case Study
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Topics to be covered in the blog :-

  1. Educational background
  2. Professional carrer
  3. Car Dekho
  4. All 4 strategies of Amit Jain

Educational Background

Amit was born in 1977 in Jaipur. His family background is very interesting his father used to sell gems (jewellery) and was an Astrologer too And his mother was Housewife. He has a brother. Because of their father, Astrology was believed frequently But both Brother was not interested in their Family Business and both thoughts on the business was so fake in mind. After the death of their father, they kicked the business and started to write their Future.

Professional career

Amit completed their education at Saint Xavier Jaipur and then went to Delhi. In 1999 he completed his graduation from IIT Delhi. After Graduation, he worked for TCS ( TATA Consultancy Service) as a Software Engineer. In the year 2000, he went to Texas where he worked in TRILOGY as a senior associate In Austin. He lived there for 6 years and slowly developed and in 2004 he achieved the post of Delivery Manager and in 2005 he was Product Manager but after 6 years he decided to return to India. With his brother Anurag Jain, he started Girnar Soft IT company in 2007. Anurag also studied at Saint. Xavier and completed graduation in IIT Delhi. They started from their garage with 20 people team. They did not get any lot to get profitable and shifted to office. In 2009 their life took a turn Both brothers lost 1 crore in the stocks and now they didn’t have any money left in hand But they didn’t give up.

Shark Tank's newest shark? Car Dekho Business Case Study
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Car Dekho

The further way was so hard and they don’t have any money to give salaries to employees Amit was a good Antromor he decided to start a new venture and here Car Dekho Started. He decided on the concept of the Car Dekho earlier but when he attended Auto Expo in Delhi he made clear the concept. They started with 50 employees so they need to think about loos also because for growing company faster had became their basic need.

Shark Tank's newest shark? Car Dekho Business Case Study
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In just 2 week they launched Car Dekho as the todays genration was all about internet bussined and startup ecosystrem was growing slowy in India therefore they had to grow very safely. He started the company but how to grow it was a big question?. Amit well knewed that to grow he has to do something great and new. so he used 4 strategies.

  1. Strategy Marketing– When Amit was small his father bought a white embasitor car which was their 1st car so he know that for middle-class families this car is very rare and worthy. In ca,r Dekho used car segment followed by which category of business. She closely studied that closely need to Trust buying a car every 100 times because if they get experience then they will share their experience with others. and their branding indicates how Trust is important for a growing company. making this base of their company Amit also explored business verticles car Dekho owners buy cars from people and after selling them to customers. And if any car dealer sells the car to a customer company gains commission. As people trust car Dekho and buy a car so they sell insurance too which is again one revenue stream and with advertising digital marketing and with software development they gain money.
  2. Right Marketing – Bollywood Star Akshay Kumar is a Brand expositor of Car Dekho but Car Dekho looked before on their content and now they have 8 lakh subscribers who post videos on car features specifications and launches. By a study, 75% of people research for the car before buying and from these 68% use their mobile for it. this made their morte organically marketed
  3. Innovation– When car Dekho was started that time getting funds was not an easy task. In 2013 Car Dekho created a sustainable car model then after the company in 2013, Indias VC from Sequoia took 1st funding. Funding is very important in startups because without funding profit margin doesn’t let to work for the company and giving salary to employees is not possible. To work in a business without Funding is impossible But Amit invested his profits in the Business and made stand his company last long. So he only had one way to attract customers which were innovation so He continued his innovation through Online booking, cloud solution, and live chats. To get Profitable he needs 7 years.
  4. Umbrella Of Brand-Amit made Similar companies on the same Domin name like in 2009 Bikedekho 2012,pricedekho, 2015 colledgdekho,2016 insurancedekho. In 2021 Cardekho became Unicorn Startup in Jaipur and today cardekho is 1.2 Billion in price. this company is now counted in the top 10 digital countries of the world. Not only in India but they serve in Indonesia Malesia and the Philippines too.


From the above blog post, we conclude with Amit Jain and his business Cardekho but his business attitude and business sense will know in 2nd season only. we also knew his personal and educational background and studied his strategies for business.

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