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In this blog we are going to hereby startups done by famous YouTube podcaster Raj Shamani.

Raj Shamani

Raj Shamani

“Raj Shamani” is a renowned Indian YouTube podcaster, Entrepreneur and Tech Influencer. He gained immense popularity through his Youtube Podcasting Channel. Where he podcasts and reviews big entrepreneurs and businessmen.

Raj Shamani’s Channel mainly podcasts on the businesses done by big entrepreneurs. Raj has a unique style of representing podcasts, combining technical knowledge about Business with a touch of humor, which appeals to a wide range of viewers.

With his immense popularity and experience in the field of business,” Raj Shamani” has become a prominent figure in the Business Community, inspiring and educating millions of viewers with his content and insights into the world of Business.

Raj Shamani Worked in Startup

Apart from his Youtube Podcasting Channel, Raj Shamani is also actively involved in 2 Businesses. 1. Family Business {Shamani Industries [Jaadugar Detergent, Jaadugar dish soaps, etc] making company}

2. House of X.

Raj Shaman’s Family Business:-

Shamani Industries:-

Shamani Industry

Raj Shamani’s Dad Naresh Shamani owns Shamani Industries and has a business making Detergent products named Jaadugar detergent, Jaadugar Dish soap, etc. At the age of 16, He joined Shamani Industries helping his Dad. and makes a profit in many ways:-

Product Sales:- The primary source of income is selling its products. By producing and distributing detergents, the company earns revenue from selling to wholesalers, retailers, and consumers. Sales can occur through various channels such as supermarkets, online platforms, etc.

Contract Manufacturing:- The company may offer contract manufacturing services to other brands or businesses. This involves producing detergent products for other companies under private labels or brands. Contract manufacturing can provide a steady stream of income by leveraging the company’s manufacturing capabilities and expertise.

Licensing and Brand Partnerships:- Depending on the Company’s brand strength and reputation, there may be opportunities for licensing agreements or brand partnerships. This can involve allowing other companies to use the company’s brand name or logo on related products in exchange for licensing fees or royalties.

House of X Business:

House OF X

Other than the Family Business Raj Shamani mainly focuses on the business of House of X The main goal is how can we make good products with Indian creators who have good rich and distinction by forming a company and sharing the brand at the end total profit will be shared as per the deal. He has tied up with 120 creators in India which has 84 million followers.

This platform is designed to take the complexity out of starting the brand so that the creators can focus on what they do best in creating. They believe that the power to create a successful brand should be in the hands of everyone, not just a select few. That’s why they are passionate about empowering creators to make their mark on the world.

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Raj Shaman’s YouTube Channels:

  1. Raj Shamani Clips:- This is Raj Shamani’s main Youtube Podcasting Channel. On this channel, he covers various podcasts of various business ideas of entrepreneurs, etc. This channel has more than 1.39 million subscribers. This also makes big earnings for him.

2. Raj Shamani Shorts:- In this channel, he shares the video clips by dividing the big clips he has podcasted. He has more than 39 K Subscribers. “More the viewers more the Earnings”.

Youtube (Suscribers july 2023) 1.4 Million
Instagram (Followers July 2023) 1.5 Million

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