Leafy Affair: Making Success After a Shark Tank Episode

Leafy Affair:

Leafy Affair

Supriya Donthi founded Leaf Affair in 2016 as a floral jewellery brand. She has completed her BSc and MSc in biotechnology and after this, an MBA from Symbosis.

Leafy Affair is the first Indian floral jewellery brand it is made up of preserved flowers, seeds, and leaves, floral jewellery is also known as botanical jewellery which also holds the biggest fashion jewellery Market size in India of INR16,000 Crore.

Leaffy Affair has more than 100+ jewellery products and their vision is to become the biggest botanical lifestyle brand.

Product Description:

Many products are listed on her website leafy Affair, and their average selling price of jewellery is 1000 RS. Production per month is near about 6-7 thousand pieces and selling is about only 2 thousand pieces per month.

when she was questioned that Why is her costs so very high? she replied that making her flowers go through a long process of de-moisturizing and preserving them is difficult with their natural color and natural form and other products like paperweights had through the process of removing its silica and de-moisturizing it.

These products are more used for gifting, Every Flower Holds some story for eg there is one flower “forget me not” a French prince gifted to the princess during his last breath and at the end, he said, “Forget me not”. This type of story makes their product unique and more selling.


Coming to the sales stats last financial year FY21-22 it was 1.1 cr of sales and in the last month it was 21 lakh, and in the current year Expected FY 22-23 project is 22-23 is 3 cr.

In the split of the 21 lakh sales, the sales split is 90% jewelry and stationary is about 10%. This business is D2c based and their current selling is only on their web. The company’s bootstrapped Gross Margin is near about 80%, EBITDA is 35%, the average selling price in jewellry is 1000rs and the repeat rate is around 12%.

Challenges How they will fight with their competitors:

In every new season, they bring different SKUs so for that she needs to preserve the flowers and bring new stories and some content which takes some time.

Production per month is near about 6-7 thousand pieces and one of the manufacturers is in China and she sells 2k pieces, and as per the monthly revenue model in the upcoming 5 years, “I can create a 100 crore brand”, says Supriya Donthi.


Starting with the Shark POV Aman made his decision to be out of this business because of 2 reasons: 1) Due to scalability and other is due to 2) compatibility.

After that Namita makes her decision to be out as she feels they have MOQ(minimum order quantity) and says a founder can’t adjust when they don’t have the control of manufacturing and feels that’s her business weakness.

Veeneta starts with positive comments about her mission of preserving nature in jewellery, Brand name, and designs. She feels this business can become a range of jewellery brands in the long term and decides to be out.

After that Amit Jain comes with the suggestion that Supriya does not need any shark she can alone do well and decides to be out.

After Amit, Anupam also decides to be out as he doesn’t like her brand name and doesn’t feel any energy in her pitch he also decides to be out.

“She did not secure a deal on Shark Tank.”

After Shark Tank Sucess:

After the shark tank episode Leafy Affair website got a lot of traffic and boomed in sales, they are a profitable business.

We are following them on different channels and will share as soon as we get any updates.

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