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Information about Lenskart and Peyush Bansal

Lenskart Startup:

Lenskart was founded by Peyush Bansal in 2010 along with Amit Chaudhari in Delhi. Lenskart is an evolutionary startup done ever in the market of spect and has a successful. Peyush Bansal thought to start an economic business excepted by the government and so he started a new evolution of in the aspects industry and named the brand lenskart the biggest initiative around to sell aspects and googles and then with the idea he started his shop as people today believes in the digital marketing and the digital world was a growing economic backhead Peyush made his web portal and made an advertisement through the site.

People in the field believe in the quality and appearance of the aspects which makes people believe in the brand Lenskart. The Current investors of Lenskart are Ratan Tata and S Gopalakrishnan (of Infosys).

Lenskart and Peyush Bansal

Lenskart was the first online website to try Eyewear online with a 3D look and camera this was a good made on choice and attracted many customers to the shop. Lenskart also started selling their product on online shopping websites like amazon and Flipkart. Lenskart was the first to give home service to the people and this also made them grow. Today lenskart has 1050+ stores all over India and they formed their service not only in India but also in Singapore, United Arab Emirates, the United States, etc. The total revenue of lens kart is 1503 crore INR (FY 2022) and the net income is 102 crore INR.

Educational Background of Peyush Bansal

  1. Peyush Bansal was from a middle-class family. He always wanted to compete in the market and start a business from his childhood.
  2. He studied at Don Bosco High School and further he took admitted to McGill University Canada to complete his degree in Electrical Engineering
  3. he took the admission to MPEFB from IIM, Bangalore
  4. His Career was shortly after completing the degree he was very confused about start the business and so he was finally stable and made a path to work for a private company to gain experiance in he sector and so he started to work for the it companies.

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Professional Career Peyush Bansal

  1. After completing his degree in Electrical Engineering from McGill University Canada, Peyush Bansal joined Microsoft and worked there as a Program Manager in a popular Tech Giant- Microsoft, USA. He worked there for nearly one year from January 2007 to December 2007 and then he decided to return back to India.
  2. After Returing to India Peyush took admission in to IIM, Bangalore for MPEFB Later he decided to start a new busines from the small capita earned from his salary and so opened a web portal ( to solve the issues of students like  housing, coaching, jobs, transportation, books, etc.
  3. Later he joined his friends who are founder of  Valyoo Technologies Pvt Limited ( Today Known as Lenskart) and he elovuled the pricing of the company
  4. Peyush Bansal made a survey and concluded that 40% of Indian people are blind this inspired him to make a brand.

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  1. Networth of Peyush Bansal

    The total networth of Peyush Bansal is $1.3 billion (2022)

  2. Peyush Bansal Qualification

    He studied at Don Bosco High School and further he took admitted to McGill University Canada to complete his degree in Electrical Engineering then after he took the admission to MPEFB from IIM, Bangalore

  3. Peyush Bansal Networth In Rupees

    1503 crore INR

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