How IBM generate 20% of software economy

In this blog post we are going to know and verify that how software economy is more on only one company and that is IBM. IBM is a great and strong established company generating 20% of Indian economy but how? Lets know.


IBM is a technology company providing a range of software products and services. According to the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation IBM is a multinational company expanding 20% of the software economy in India by any means of ways some of the primary sector and Statics as followed-

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IBM generates 20% of the software economy by offering a wide range of software products and services to businesses and organization around the world. IBM’s software offerings include software for managing data, integrating applications, developing and testing software, securing information, and more.IBM has invested heavily in research and development, and has acquired numerous software companies over the years to enhance its software offerings.

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Offering a wide range of Software Products-

IBM has a large sales and marketing organization that helps to promote and sell its software products and services.Some of IBM’s most popular software products include:IBM Watson: a suite of artificial intelligence tools that can analyze data, recognize patterns, and provide insights.IBM Cloud: a platform for building and deploying cloud-based applications.

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IBM Security:

A suite of tools for securing information and preventing cyberattacks.IBM Integration: a suite of tools for integrating disparate applications and data sources.Overall, IBM’s success in the software industry can be attributed to its focus on innovation, investment in research and development.

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Investing in research and development

IBM invests more in Research and Technology Development to stay ahead in teams of technology development which allowed company to create the cutting edge software which seemed to be very useful to meet the needs of its customers.

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Embracing open-source software

IBM has been a strong and still supporting a open source software, which made the company to get a strong resolution in the vast network of developers who contribute to the creation of new software solutions. This has helped IBM to remain at the forefront of software innovation and solutions.

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Partnering with other companies

IBM has formed partnership with many others technologies company software to create joint software solutions and meet the solution for software of customers. This has helped IBM to get reach and generate more revenue from its software products.

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Overall IBM’s success in generating 20% of Software economy is dependent on all the ways mentioned above and this makes IBM more successful day by then days passed.

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