Bharat Biotech has started Clinical Trials of Tuberculosis vaccine MTBVAC In India

Bharat Biotech partner will Spanish Biopharma Company Biofabri to develop MTBVAC vaccine in India:

Bharat Biotech, a pioneering Indian Biopharmaceutical company has initiated clinical trials for the tuberculosis vaccine MTBVAC within India. The vaccine is being developed by Spanish Biopharma Company Biofabri. in Collaboration with Bharat Biotech. Bharat Biotech will have exclusive global manufacturing rights for live attenuated vaccine that is being developed for newborn babies , adolescents and adults. Bharat Biotech Executive Chairman Dr. Krishna Ella said, “Our Quest for for a more effective vaccine against tuberculosis receive big boost today, with clinical trials in India”.Biofabri CEO Esteban Rodriguez called it a “Giant Step to test in adults and adolescents in the country where 28% of the world’s Tuberculosis cases accumulate”.

Clinical Trials In India :

Conducting Clinical Trials in India could be significant given the country’s high burden of Tuberculosis Cases. This significant step marks a crucial advancement in the fight against tuberculosis . The initiation of clinical trials within India Underscores Bharat Biotech’s commitment to addressing public health challenges endemic to the country and beyond. The country aims to evaluate vaccine’s safety and suitability for Indian Population , potentially paving the way for its widespread deployment in country’s national tuberculosis control program.

The vaccine has recently completed a Phase-2 dose finding trial. A double-blind, controlled Phase-3 clinical trial in newborns was started in 2023 in South Africa, Madagascar and Senegal to compare it with only Tuberculosis Vaccine in Use, The BCG Vaccine.

MTBVAC Vaccine :

MTBVAC is a promising vaccine candidate for Tuberculosis. MTBVAC developed by researchers in Spain, presents a promising avenue for combating Tuberculosis, offering potential advantages over existing vaccines. MTBVAC is currently the only Tuberculosis vaccine undergoing clinical trials based on genetically modified form of pathogen, Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, that unlike BCG, contains all the antigens present in strains that infect Humans. MTBVAC reflects proactive approach to addressing such challenges , positioning India at forefront of efforts to develop effective Tuberculosis vaccines.

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